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Do you want to make music...or do you want to make a difference?

Are you feeling overworked and overwhelmed?

Want to break through writer's block, overcome pain and find motivation again?

Have you ever thought about quitting music because there's no hope of going pro...?

Are you ready to make it in music and meet more artists just like you?

My name is Mike Schwartz. I work with emerging artists and their teams who are ready to take their careers to the next level. I help them build a healthy lifestyle and performance mindset so they can overcome pain, anxiety, and self-doubt in just 365 days. 


Our Mission

Anything worth believing in is worth challenging. We challenge the status quo in the music industry. It's simply unsustainable. We are the catalysts of change. Artists are athletes and high performance is an inside job. That starts from the top.

We're on a mission to create a healthier, happier music industry, one artist at a time.

Our Vision

To lead the people of the music industry toward sustainability and success without compromise.

Core Values

Bravery | Integrity | Creativity | Community | Innovation | Play

Mike Schwartz

BA. P.Sci & MGSO | ACE CPT | PN | SMF | Enlifted 2

Position: Founder & Head Coach

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 183lbs

Walk up jam: "It's Tricky" - RUN DMC

Favourite Food: Sushi

Coffee Order: 8oz Maple Flat White​

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It All Started Back In Munich: The Story of Music Fit

Mike Schwartz and the Intergalactic Lovers

My Philosophy

I’m bold. I’m curious. I’m playful. Straight up, I’m 50% Tigger and 50% Rafiki. I’ve been a disruptor all my life. I listen to everything from Mozart to Jurassic 5. I shoot from the hip and I will teach you to think differently about the things you thought you knew the most. 


I’m notorious for asking too many questions and always having some smart-ass answer as to why I choose this over that. I have learned that anything worth believing in is worth challenging. True leadership is the embodiment of love and power and the greatest thing a human can do is change their mind.


That said, musicians are athletes and high performance is an inside job. My approach to coaching blends functional movement with holistic nutrition and performance mindset techniques. I have found the sweet spot of helping clients change their conscious narrative and then integrate true change subconsciously. It’s both incredibly effective and rewarding.


My full-circle, deep health approach to wellness helps leaders inspire their teams to do more with less and lead a long, sustainable career in the music industry and a happy, healthy life. 

Musicians are kinda like apples...

Check out this video and see what I mean...

You want to be an inspiring leader and show up better on stage, at work and in life. 

You want to beat anxiety.


You want to regain control of your organization and your life. 


If this sounds like you, we should chat.


Before booking with me, please read my Core Values. Also, read my Mission & Vision Statements, Coaching Philosophy, and Coaching Guarantee. That will give you an idea if we're a good fit.


In honour of radical transparency, here's how I operate: 

Get to know each other. Think of this as a "vibe check" for both of us. Expect this call to be 40 minutes long. We'll see if we like each other, if I can help you, and if YOU think I can help you. If we pass the test, I'll invite you to book a second call to talk shop.

If we make it this far we're more than likely going to work together. This call will let me find the problems you don't even know you have. It will be 75 minutes long with a stretch break in the middle. We will discuss what happens if you act to solve them and what will happen by doing nothing. I will outline our plan. Then, you'll decide if you want my help to solve your​ problems.

If that sounds fair, please book a time most suited to your schedule for a vibe check. I am stoked to meet you.

Second Call:

First Call:

Client of the Month

"Within 3 months, I had measurable improvements in my heart rate variability, resting heart rate, and frequency/intensity of stress." 

Megan Pomarensky

"Performance Mastery."

[Mike's coaching took] my preparation to the next level. I have truly never felt better and more confident going into a competition!!


Ruby Carwardine

"From Anxious To Amazing..."

Mike's mindset coaching and healing music have significantly helped me improve my wellness! Within 3 months, I had measurable improvements in my heart rate variability, resting heart rate, and frequency/intensity of stress or panic. I've continued to see benefits including my RHR overall dropping from the 90s to being in the 60s, my sleep quality improving, having more energy, and I can strength train at higher intensities while still recovering at higher levels than ever before. I have strategies to navigate anxiety in a safer way that I can utilize on my own (and with Mike's support), and have much more confidence and trust in myself.


Megan Pomarensky

"Game-Changing Performance Coaching..."

Mike’s music really is a game changer for athletic performance, recovery and athlete well-being. It is like a sharp-edged sword of the lifter’s performance world. Mike’s music is for anyone wanting to take their training and competition performance to new heights and prioritise their overall health and wellness.


Leanne Knox

"Great Tips from Mike..."

As a musician that is on the road alot, I really enjoyed reading this book. One of the challenges I have is making healthy eating choices. Great tip from Mike was to invest in a small cooler and stop at a grocery store. I took the advice and picked up a cooler, some peanut butter, celery and a few more healthy snacks. Much better than stopping at fast food! Great job.

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D.O Gibson

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